I'm just a sentient being that just so happens to be human


Woman of 24 found to have no cerebellum in her brain - health - 10 September 2014 - New Scientist

Life is like a punchline to a joke you don’t get

Jithin Chand

My Tuesday night: Hanging out at a Jazz bar criticizing the performing band for conforming to a quantized grid, while being the odd person there wearing a spongebob top. but then she walks on stage, wearing a sweater with patterns of Bart Simpsons’ face all over it and introduces swing…….


The Intimate Sound System (2014) - The Intimate Sound System is a mini multi-channel sound system, which is made up of 8 mini-speakers in combination with the standard stereo sound system. The sound in created via a semi-generative sound synthesis patch in SuperCollider with further preparations, processing, and manipulations made by the performer and mini speakers. The Intimate Sound System aims for a more physical, spatial, and acoustic approach to electronic music performance.

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Kevin Champeny

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"What Remains"
60” wide x 48” tall x 1” deep
35,000+ hand cast urethane flowers